SLUSH PUPPiE was founded in the USA in 1970 and came to Europe shortly thereafter. Since then over 175 billion cups have been enjoyed and more than 22,000 dispensers installed. SLUSH PUPPiE has strong brand loyalty in the UK and is well known throughout Europe and Middle East. Today SLUSH PUPPiE boasts more than twenty fruity flavours, with blue raspberry still #1. Steeped in nostalgia SLUSH PUPPiE is anything but rooted in the past.

Today’s adults grew up with SLUSH PUPPiE and its beloved mascot, and the Pup is as popular with their children as it was all those years ago. We have had proven success at retail, most notably the Award winning SLUSH PUPPiE Machine and its range of accessories from Fizz Creations. The range launched in 2016 and the demand for the product has been relentless, showing no signs of declining. We would like to speak to licensees who can help us build on our success across all adult and children’s categories for food and non-food products.

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