Eureka! Signs T-Shirt Booth as First Licensee

Pink Key Consulting is delighted to announce the signing of the first licensee for Eureka! A partnership has been initiated with T-Shirt Booth to launch a range of T-shirts using the new Eureka! Style Guide that will be sold via the T-shirt booth website and designed to raise money for the National Children’s Museum.

Richard Pink, Managing Director of Pink Key Consulting says ‘We are delighted to have T-shirt booth as our first licensee, they are a really progressive company and have developed some great designs that will appeal to children in the age group we are targeting with this licensing programme’.

Michelle Emerson, Marketing and Development Director at Eureka! says “it’s a great step in the right direction, and hopefully signals the start of the growth of our licensing programme, plus making lots of children very happy of course!”

Tracey Richardson of Digital Giving, said “We’re absolutely delighted to see Eureka! joining a host of other children’s favourite characters in this digital fundraising product range. We’re confident it will prove to be a popular souvenir of a great day out at the Museum.”

Product will be available by the end of September.

Pink Key Consulting is looking for licensees who can complement the T-shirt booth licence and all enquiries should be made to richard@pinkkey.co.uk or call on 07859 362323

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