No I’m not hungry, well I am, but that’s another matter. I am however looking forward to lunch at the Dorchester on 26th April where Nancy and I will be attending the Brand and Lifestyle Licensing Awards, or B&LLAs as they are affectionately known by those who take part.

The B&LLAs have been a huge success since our pals at Max Publishing launched them. They were a timely addition to the annual awards round as they recognised the clear difference between the ‘entertainment’ and ‘brand’ side of our industry. It’s a welcome recognition that the rules don’t apply the same way to these parts of the industry, and that anyone wise enough to take a ‘brand’ on knows that, although its often a slow burner, there’s gold in them there hills.

Of course you can’t be prescriptive about this, there are always going to be brands that buck the trend – entertainment brands that stay around for ever, and non- entertainment brands that get on a huge fast trajectory, but on the whole the B&LLAs were the right thing at the right time, especially for those of us who specialise in the area.

And so it’s a true delight to have 4 nominations this year

  • SLUSH PUPPiE – Best Licensed Food or Beverage Brand
  • Pringles Pencil Cases from Helix – Best Brand Licensed Children’s Product or Range
  • Kellogg’s Gift Range from Kimm & Miller – Best Brand Licensed Gifting Product or Range
  • SLUSH PUPPiE Range From Fizz Creations – The Inspired Innovation Brand Licensed Product or Range

Obviously we think they are all well deserved and we are particularly pleased to see three of our licensees nominated for their hard work with some superb product that were genuine bestsellers at retail in stores as diverse as Argos, Menkind, Rymans, Debenhams and Tesco.

Once again we are sponsoring a category with Kellogg Vintage, and we are looking forward to what is always an excellent and normally very messy afternoon – time to write off Friday I think!



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